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What is the difference between a Full time Firefighter and a Part Paid Firefighter?

Requirements for a Full time Firefighter may vary depending on each department but, the state requires: FIREFIGHTER 2 certification, along with Medical 1st Responder and Hazardous Materials Certification. 

Part Paid or Volunteer Firefighters are required to have certifications for: FIREFIGHTER 1, Medical 1st Responder and Hazardous Materials.

There are more Part Paid / Volunteer firefighters in Michigan than Full Time Firefighters.

Whether you are Part Time or Full Time, the job is the same "To Save Lives and Protect Property". 

How many full time firefighters do you have?

 This is probably the most common question we hear. We man our station with one firefighter when most of our firefighters are at their day job,  Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm, excluding holidays.

What is a Volunteer / Part Paid Fire Department? 

This means the department is staffed by personnel that are not actually at the station. Our station is fully equipped with all the essential fire and rescue equipment. Each of our Firefighters carries a voice pager, when a call for the fire department is made, county dispatch sends out a tone via radio, specific to our pagers, this activates the pager, then the voice message of the emergency and it's location is heard. Depending on the location of the emergency, some firefighters will respond to the incident from wherever they may be, to initiate immediate emergency action, while others will respond to the station to pick up and respond with the necessary equipment. As volunteers we are on call 24 hours a day and respond whenever available. This is a commitment we have made to our community. A Part Paid department provides the same quality of service that you may get from a full time department. Firefighters are paid a flat hourly rate per call, whether the call last 1 hour or 6 hours, it's the same pay.

Why does that civilian car/truck have emergency lights?

Being a volunteer department, personnel need to respond as quickly as possible from where ever they may be, to render assistance in emergencies. They may also need to respond to the station to pick up the Engine or other equipment. All this needs to be done as quickly as possible, in an emergency seconds count. The emergency lights allow us to respond in the quickest and safest manner possible to help the community in an emergency. When the lights are activated, our vehicle is now an emergency response vehicle. Be sure to yield to this type of vehicle as any other type of emergency vehicle. See the help desk under new traffic law.

Do you just respond in the City of St. Clair?

No, we cover a 54 square mile area, to include, all of the City, part of St Clair Twp., China Twp. and East China Twp. (see the map here)