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St. Clair Area Fire Department
216 Cass St Clair, MI 48079
ADMINISTRATIVE HOURS 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri (Excluding Holidays)


Cass and 3rd Street in Downtown St Clair


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"Be cautious of your smoke when burning brush. If it is a nuisance to neighbors, it is illegal"


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Who is the St Clair Fire Department?

The St Clair Fire Department has been serving the St Clair Area sine 1874. We remember the vision of the many firefighter that came before us and the hours and years of commitment that have brought the Department to where it is today. We look forward to the future and the many ways in which we will continue to serve and protect the community. We take pride in setting and maintaining high standards of service and excellence.

We have a service area of 54 square miles, including the City of St Clair and portions of St Clair Township, China Township and East China Township as well as responding to water rescues, ice rescues, and other water emergencies on the St Clair River.

The Departments Commanding Officer is Fire Chief David Westrick are Fire Chief Dave Westrick. You can view our current roster and links to our Command Staff on the links to the right.

Serving as the back bone of the department are the men and women who are the Firefighters and Medical First Responders that make up our department. The Department currently operates 11 pieces of emergency fire / rescue apparatus, including 1 Basic Light Rescue, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Engine, 2 Grass rigs, 2 Water Tenders, a 95 foot  Aerial Truck,  1 Water Fire / Rescue boat and 1 Zodiac.

We are a "Paid On Call" Fire Department. Our station is fully equipped with all the essential fire and rescue equipment. Each of our Firefighters carries a voice pager, when a call for the fire department is made, Central Dispatch sends out a tone via radio, specific to our pagers, that activates a voice pager, then the voice message of the emergency and it's location is heard. Depending on the location of the emergency, some firefighters will respond to the incident from wherever they may be, to initiate immediate emergency action, while others will respond to the station to pick up and respond with the necessary equipment. As volunteers we are on call 24 hours a day and respond whenever needed and available. This is a commitment we have made to the service of our community. We provides the same quality of service that you may receive from a full time Fire department. All of our personnel meet and or exceed the mandated certifications and level of training required by the Michigan Firefighters Training Counsel.

Our Fire Station is staffed Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm. Stop by or Call us with any questions comments or concerns. HAVE a GREAT and SAFE DAY.





Dave Westrick
Fire Chief




Mike Krul
1st Assistant Fire Chief





William Padgett
2nd Assistant Fire Chief





Craig Melms




"Pay attention to wind speed and direction when burning brush. Burning is NOT allowed on high wind days"